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"Whoa, whoa, whoa - go back" Many a school benefactor
Grist for some mills 'Blondie' or 'Zits'
Champagne label word Palo Alto-based car company
Flour-water mixture "Savoriness," in Japanese
Something braided on a farm One taken to court
Folder's contents Economy, plus
Lines often in Latin Violent storm
Italian suffix for "small" Putin's former gp.
Technology inside Kindles Bye line?
Superior woman? "That ___ you"
Kind of protozoan Rotisserie league concerns
Writer Osnos of The New Yorker Mideast V.I.P.s
Noneditorial matter Most outlandish
Quark-plus-antiquark particles Some temporary residences
How a scolding may be given B'way posting of yore
__-edged (top-quality) Ones who fled to wed
Diner selections Gown returner
Exceptional start? "Holy ... !!!"
Madonna and Lady Gaga Jumper line
The former Mrs. Trump Call ___ -- cab
Show of hands? Cruise carriers
Broadway feature Novel, sonata or sonnet
Veggie in V8 Police vehicles
BOGO event Cinderella's coach, really
Casual dismissal Streetcar relative
Turkoman, e.g. What some eyeglasses lack
Murray or Rice Intelligentsia
Some jokes Happy-go-lucky
Middle of a square, maybe Meccas for shoppers
Senate __ Drops out?
Gabrielle's friend Type of sweatshirt
RSVP word National Mall flora
"Muy ___, gracias" Unisex garb
Anonymous name in court cases Italian smoker, for short
Kirk or Picard: Abbr. Do a shop chore
Proper bloke iPhone button
instant Polar concern
Dormitories and apartments Kind of resort
WC Fields oath Conservative folks
Gull's cry College milieu
Apple processing plant Astarte devotees
Christmas concert selection Italian cuisine herb
CBS's "___: Cyber" "Married to the Mob" director
Garden flower Theater arch
Keep yakking Neck tissue
Zip or area ___ Minor tiff
'Hogan's Heroes' group Martial-arts moves
Had more than a hunch Shipboard romance
Mark again Capitol hall
Thole fillers Emerging adult
Kermit or Big Bird Mr. Craven
Leaves in a hurry "Don't rush me!"
Academic conference