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Oversee, as a pop star Newspaper classifieds
Twelve-month Tidied, as a lawn
Female choristers Single point on a graph
Skin malady "Coulda been a lot worse!"
Performance with sopranos Appears ominously
Linguistic sound unit Lily ___
Work on, as a vintage auto Awards acronym
Newspaper listing Navig. technology
Colonnaded entryway Metaphor in a gambling debacle
Gift box direction State assemblies
Grocery store annoyances Is very fond of
Elementary school staffers Like some cellphone plans
Physician, hopefully They close when you doze
Prepare, as coffee beans Reviewed for typos
''Buy It Now'' website Behold in amazement
Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen Scottsdale's state (Abbr.)
Fizzy citrus drink Actor Mapa or Baldwin
Pluto's largest moon Slurpee, basically
Take out some 20s, say Crunchy cookies
Potatoes often used for fries Reaction to a dreamy person
Futuristic delivery vehicle Sci-fi escape ships
"Tinker ___ Soldier Spy" All-in-one printer feature
T.S. Eliot poem, with "The" Cheesy fish sandwich
Do some tidying "Would it be OK?"
Formation-flying birds Burrito's shell
Take advantage of Attorneys' staffers
Like some French vowels Watched again
Text convo parts Search for successfully
Suffix meaning ''inhabitant'' Workplaces for surgeons: Abbr.
Either half of some couples Twitter shares, informally
North Pole staffers Along for the ride
Too demanding Window topper
Kind of sandwich or salad Get the lowest score, in golf

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