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Arp's art movement End for "fish" or "wish"
Once and for ___ Fitness shoe brand
Jimmy Fallon hosts it Lion of astrology
Money in Tokyo and Kyoto Canine, slangily
Eve's third child Border of a cup
Clickable webpage word Body part that swallows
Like an 800-page novel The latest events
Requiring the least effort Painting need
Carpet's place Home built by swallows
Singers in a quartet Namby-pamby person
Row on a wall calendar Motorcyclists
Speaks for ____ (is evident) Late morning hr.
Fill fully, as a gas tank Copy every gesture of
Cattleman's rope Grass shortener
Fit to go out in public "_____ asked for it!"
Secret supplies Repetitive shout at a protest
Pumpernickels and ryes A bit strange
Required little effort Tanning venues
Color of lettuce Formal school dance
Rise into view Low-calorie, on labels
Used a barstool Explosive sticks: Abbr
Florida's Boca __ "With ___ as my witness ..."
Cloth used while waxing a car MLB or NFL player, for example
Devastation that's wreaked Exaggerate, as a stage role
Fall __ (break into pieces) Foul things up
Not squishy, as a mattress Everest or Rushmore
Wish granter in a bottle Grasped with one's hand
NBC journalist Mitchell Disentangle
"Homeland" spy org. Soreness from overexertion
____-climber (gym machine) Toy dog's barks
Like some diseases Fall __ (get delayed)

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