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Polka forerunner More impassive
Witless sorts String of seashells, perhaps
Town house, e.g. Road Runner cartoon scenery
Big game of a sort Stops in the Sahara
Winter wreath adornment "You're naughty!"
__ allegro (tempo direction) European luxury vehicles
Check no-no Seating for alfresco diners
Marcel Marceau persona Came into the world
Mixed nuts choice Balderdash
Jockey controls Nice for the nose
Lingeringly upset New York passers
Arizona shooters Plan, for short
Worships, say Christmas decoration
Edible grass Kirsten of "Hidden Figures"
Arizona ballplayer, casually Puts money on the table, say
Screw it up Capital southwest of Helena
Air-conditioning sound Balance sheet info
Rock quarry unit John on piano
Believer in spirits Quarterback's asset
Push a Toro Turnpike conveniences
Jolly Roger flyer Major concert venue
Do some lopping Last section
She goes baa Distressed sort?
Master of ___ Nationalism, per Einstein
Data storage prefix Pass off (on)
School with paradoxes Retired NBA center
Like cat burglars Tugging type
"Silver Bells" novelist Rice Asian priests
Corn ___ (autumn amusement) Smiling cow
Electronic telemarketing tool "Mo Money Mo Problems" rapper
Psychological wounds Backyard cookout supply
Any Boy Scout Bard-era verity
Atari release of 1972 Tennessee Williams title word
Made a fresh start Heads or tails
"Three's Company" co-star Half a Hamilton
Jack on the road Dance performed with passion
Is forbidden to Bic writer
Island in San Francisco Bay Fives and tens, say
A Senior Open organizer Changed defeat into victory
Medium for much body art Substantial source
Leased, with "on" Bird with a curved beak
Miss Midler Great scores in Olympic diving
Crime drama sound effect Drop off
Windsurfing mecca Cartographic dot
Making slow progress Bit of finger food
How gourmands enjoy their food Place for barnacles
Lawful ends? Put on airs, perhaps
Menu with reds and whites Birds that may babble
Party you can attend barefoot River feeder
Skyline constructor ___ kosher
"___ the Virgin" (CW show) Burglar alarm devices
Jell-O flavor DraftKings competitor
Inventory loss Siphons (out)
Like shabby old clothes Cleaned (off)
Toolbox punchers Friend of Victor Hugo
Outbreaks of eczema, e.g. Least sloppy
Tracy/Hepburn classic Cuban beat
Miso base Work out beforehand
Add oil to, maybe Barista creations
Quito kiss ABSolutely
Student's second try Dream location
It may involve cold calls Mohair source
Whispered line Claim to praise
Computerized trials Kagan colleague
Bottom of a strike zone Grandfather clock seven
Many consultants, for short Early Indus Valley settler
Crop planter Danger sign
Opted for Cellular boundary
Roof roosters

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