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Toon pursuing l'amour Like 100 on most tests
Some deck installations Best Actress after Field
Weird and kooky One prone to withdrawal
Counterbalanced, say Herbal beverage
Anglicized Irish ''John'' Shaped like Cheerios
School bake sale group: Abbr. Triumvirate, from the Russian
Fashionably sophisticated "Get a ___!"
Beast on Idaho's seal Plants in an orchard
Curse removers Bodybuilder's pose, e.g.
Very messy Hair fixer
Fireflies, e.g. It often follows 12
Certain ball handler Sport similar to paintball
__ chop Andersen's mother tongue
Some timeshares Mountaineer's expectation
Primary color in italiano One way to serve fowl
Turns a stream on Boy Scout shelter
Having a ring of truth Offer on Airbnb, say
Baseball judge, for short 60s sorts
Condoleezza Rice, in part ''Give Peace a Chance'' label
"Mad Men" actor John Canine sounds
Like failed custard Brewmaster's need
__ chief Site of a ''Rain Man'' triumph
Many early Zola readers Loves very much
What jams may affect Adam's biblical partner
Irrelevancy Trendy gimlet garnish
Rains lightly The first potato farmers
Keynote, e.g. Name on many bars
Attain, as great heights Try for
Trail mix ingredients Target of a whacking
Curly's dad on "Sesame Street" Where waiters gather
Users' resources ''Ice Ice Baby,'' originally
Car ad letters Plenty of horn?
Lamborghini product Tandoori chicken side dish
Arsenal, for instance Cross-outs and others
Poet friend of author Ernest Hunting dog breed
Cold-blooded type Some retreats
1,000 baisa Skin cream succulent
Reject someone, in a way Closed books
Streak breaker, maybe Kind of seating
Strikes a chord Face-planted
Irritating growth ____ and groans
Carte part Thing to do with your fingers
Church keyboardist Taken to the cleaners
Like some ukuleles Hip-hop progenitor
Mexico City money Low bar?
Trade alliance, briefly Eggplant cousin
Stays out all night? Annoying barking sound
Seat in court p, as in Dundee
Type of roll or moon Thick rolls of cash
Frequent sac-fly result Something to ID on a DMV test
Tour series Unvarnished
Unlikely to applaud virtue Like dollhouse furnishings
Weed-chopping tools Overlooks, as a fault
Bulb components "Yes!" singer Jason
Afternoon drink holder Fourth-wall perpetuators
Worshipers of Shiva and Vishnu Tree with green-skinned fruit
Cheeseparing ''The Pink Panther'' villain
Kind of muscle contraction Sweet __
Winged sprite of myth Place for a pet parakeet
54-piece game Slipped one by, in a way
Aglisten, in a way Popular California winemaker
Longhorn alternative Dover ____ (kind of fish)
Dweeb or nerd Aldrin's moon watch
Lament in a Coleridge ode Ones taking a lode off?
Name on the Oslo II Accord Insufficient
Polish New Testament novelist Runs well
Tear off, as a ticket stub Present from the start
Tightrope walker's trait Created with
Emailed, say Sharp and witty, as a comeback
Tender turndown Pepper with punch
Was the king of Liquid for a quill pen
Brother in silly shorts Fire __
Trying (for) Osso buco cut
Acknowledge subtly Allowed to graze, say
Schedule at a meeting Is rankled by
Urquhart Castle's loch Attorney's group: Abbr.
Bubbling over Corrupt, in British slang
Sudden attacks Hispanic street food
Went without Space station stat
All things being equal? Quilt raffle settings
Applied, as face paint

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