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''Attending'' ending Literally, half-year periods
Jumbotron displays, briefly Political scientist Bremmer
Ode form from ancient Greece Enhances the look of
Tundra's lack, usually Less than pleased
Upgrade circuitry Marvel supergroup
Two state capitals Road workers' garb
Authoritative type of bull Word with a wave
Fridge feature So far in '20, to CPAs
Order of __ (USSR medal) Correctly, old-style
Parisian condiment Sing like Tarzan yells
Row divider Month between Shevat and Nisan
Auto options ''Days of Our Lives'' airer
Alliance with a DC HQ Worked on
Luke's pilot pal Attraction, or attract
Veer sharply ''Simpsons'' mob boss voice
Whiny teens Worshipped
Tie-up, real or figurative -, for short
Theme park array Hat-hanging aids
Highly fittingly Debate fixtures
Butter source Biblical excerpt
Starter for stick Big name in Norwegian history
''I'm cutting off here . . .'' Christmas morning cry
How the ambitious hope to live Traditional dairy farm item
Stretch in therapy, say Legislative creation
Star of ''Hulk'' (2003) Well-planned procedure
Table __ Candy heart sentiment
Kolkata natives Cast doubt upon
Napa nabobs Evidence of a large impact
Bunker of note Opened for examination
''If you ask me . . .''