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Toxicological E.R. cases Minestrone and chowder
Tropical source of milk Tabby's cry
To what effect? Treats very unfairly, in slang
Two pair beats it in poker "Always Be My Maybe" actress/writer Wong
Thwacked, biblically Taurus, Virgo, Libra, etc.
Chemical in potent drain cleaners Bird on Froot Loops boxes
Transgressive, say Tall one or cold one, in Germany
Tub accessory Top dog at a corp.
Apollo project destination Thought through, with "out"
Type of chair Website revenue source
Move that captures two checkers "Touch and Go" singer Ocasek
Words after count or sleep Former term for female college students
Country singer Willie City in northwest Missouri, informally
Totally vanished Dip for a taco chip
Thames-side art gallery Transcendentalist who wrote "Walden"
Title role for Liz Taylor, in brief Two-word tenet of improv comedy
Of high quality Testarossa or Portofino
Thieves' stash, maybe Gives permission
Dark green leafy cabbage Pt. of a B'way address
"Let me enjoy my guilty pleasures!" "Feelin' fine!"
Not yet ready to harvest Gone fishing, say
__ language Three Stooges member, for a time
Sheet brought to a supermarket Tantalizing film preview
Tailoring-related Traditional medicine uses its oil
"Try and do better!" Browns lightly
Handy list in the back of a book From Japan or India
Prefix meaning ''single'' Toto in "The Wizard of Oz," e.g.
"To: All Staff" note Thunderous, as a crowd
Mayfield of RB Shout of anticipation
Moderate gallop Table the rehearsal for a bit, say
Teriyaki appetizer, maybe Walking heavily
First word of a toast Terrible things
Tagged surreptitiously, as on an email Ground-chopping farm tool
TDs or FGs Theatrically presented
Organic certifying gp. Typical ice cream servings
Website with tutorials Thoroughly overhauls
Thing checked at a polling station This is what a tailor seeks to provide
Still in one piece Type of sandal
Place where precollege students live Tiger's slot on the schedule, e.g.
Ready to go trick-or-treating, say "Suppose so"
Pixar film about a jazz pianist Love who co-hosted "The Real"
Tomato shade Turin-based automaker ___ Romeo
Form hastily, as a judgment Threatening harm to