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Electrical spikes Leaping antelope
Clam's home The Caribbean or Mediterranean
Salesperson's sales target Like many HDTVs, in brief
Early 7th-century year They may nest above haylofts
Join the glee club Many a craft brew, in brief
Food, water and air Decides against the subway
Kahlua and Sambuca Uncooked, as carrots
Virginia-born golf legend Japanese martial-arts warrior
Citrus peel used as flavoring Commit an ironing error
Ham-handed sorts When some local news airs
Approving cheers "NBA on ___"
Scheduling alternative Without fuss or muss
Kind of comedy Road crew's goo
Burns with liquid Gets on it
Wrapping paper fastener Daydreamer's condition
Legendary "You Send Me" singer Big-beaked tropical bird
Propeller for a crew member Dismissed rudely
Big name in polo shirts Thickets
Holding high ethical standards Orders
Where to order a Blizzard Collector's fare
Call from a crew member Opportunities to play in games
CandW artist McEntire "On the Pulse of Morning" poet
Place to apply ChapStick Top marks
Cut of a pork roast Rude touch
Vague idea Source of easy money
Cars with gas/electric engines "Same here"
"Stay with Me" singer Bizarre
Nice weather? Construction details
Peddled Shows childish anger
Craft project type, for short Top corporate leader: Abbr.
Catch fire Pub fixture
Colorado or California Smooth writing implement
Illegally downloaded The __ Ness monster
Hardly blameless They're thicker than jellies
Org. that screens luggage Fitting
___ party 1960s fabric fad
Mennonites, e.g. Most words ending in "-ly"
Spouse's sister or mother Sensible thinking
When Macbeth stabs Duncan Dark materials?
"Look what I ___!" "Amadeus" setting
Pile "Cue ball"
Smoky quality Religious pamphlet
Interlaced threads Pennsylvania-based chip brand
Postpones for some other time Alternative to Zumba
People from Baghdad "The Talented Mr. ___"
Understand instinctively Early offering, as of goods
It's neither sunny nor wet Just before the weekend
Machine's opening for coins Fakes
Biggest city in South Dakota