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Sweet, lovable sort Road warning
Sounds in "The Raven" Downloads from irs.gov
Peripheral Boomer, for short?
Started something Overflow, with ''over''
Three-masted ship Fertilizer components
Like false fruit Smucker pet food brand
African capital on its own gulf Victoria's deific equivalent
Hit's place Where Aldous Huxley taught Orwell
Granting that, for short Quite a blast?
Memorial Day weekend event, familiarly Corps at briefings
It ends near Venice Lead role in Fellini's "8 1/2"
Target of Goldfinger's raid Where an eye test may be given, in brief
Spanish game played with 40 cards Slightly leading
Not everyone gets them Nation's extremely
Last of the contiguous 48 Source for vegan milk
Loomed over Spicy, in a way
Showbiz gossip show Ancient Egyptian, in old classification
Getting around easily Valkyrie's portrayer in the Thor films
Tried to improve a hand What powers ''Star Wars'' cannons
U of T library letters Coffee descriptor
''America the Beautiful'' crop French or Spanish 101 word
Group of merchandise Company for a king or queen
Airport at one end of the Kennedy Expwy. Sister brand of Mazola
Suite parts, for short Wouldn't release
School stars "C'mon, tell us!"
Any of 112 for ''The Sopranos'' Minestrone morsels
Upright type of type New York ___ (purple bloom)
Aquatic life Products touted in some email scams
Was hard to understand, in a way Long ago predator
Deneb or Denebola New Journalism writer
Grand Prix competitor, e.g. Cartographic hexagon
Lead-in to card or credit Story with a point
It's due for a change Harvest from a forest
"That will be ___ the set of sun": Shak. Slalom gold medalist at Calgary
Is responsible Assumes control of
Joel who once played Wyatt Earp in film Some consequences for defaulting
Problem roomies No humanitarian
Its first scene is set near Memphis Moved speedily
K-12 supporters Blended numbers
What Torontonians fill their tanks with Greedy choice when choosing
TV president of the recent past Glove material
Mother of the Gemini Not a short-term tiff
Harvard or Cambridge grad Name hidden in "call an audible"
Made fair No first-stringer
Prosperous period Facebook accumulation
Senator, e.g., in brief Figurative keeper of secrets
Become weaker Fruity refresher
Fodder for some miners Stuff in soups
Diacritic over the "r" in "Dvorak" Attention-getting cry
Close, as a port Unassigned
Toucher of France and Spain Big wheels
Some arena illumination, for short __-fi (literary genre)
Person who's good at picking things up