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N, in a TV content warning MSNBC business correspondent
Mind reader's initialism English fellows
God who sounds subdued Org. hidden in "special ops"
Pad jottings It's due south of Albuquerque
Needles, knives, etc. Pride-protecting sounds
S&P analyst's stat Be really mad
Decorative flowerpot Raucous animal sound
Annual celebration, slangily Carry-___ (overhead bags)
NFL pass, complete or not One gawking
Lav, in the U.K. One was written on an urn
Quartet often near RSVP Powerful figure
Self-controlled Gas in natural gas
Great deal of, slangily Battery pioneer
Up the ___ (risk more) Enjoying learning about
Peak of activity "___ you doing?"
Device in some drones NBC owner
Heavenly messenger Particularly impressive
Stops living County not far from London
Certain black card Made ready for publication
Drink too much Curve such as y = x squared
Former SAT question type Haitian priestly potation
Folded-over egg dish Amazon explorer
Draining effect Former NPR host ___ Conan
Matrimonial agreement Habitat for some ducks
Munch loudly Substitute, briefly
Product shipped to Mars Late TV journalist Ifill
Snag in a plan What a squirrel squirrels away
Turf grippers Plato's well-intentioned fib
Tiny little lie Color that's similar to almond
He's AWOL at the altar Foot holder
Bra specification Pat or tap
Went by motorcycle perhaps Disdainful facial expression
Afrikaner ancestor Pasta-cooking vessels
Blurb about an author It's pumped into a space suit
Triangle side, say One-night-a-year flier
Networking aims Hold 'em haul
Frequent "SNL" guest Baldwin Vitamin seller
Home style Receive __ (pass easily)
Five stars, e.g. Tavern array
Have a party, say ''Aid car'' VIP
Dressing room evaluation Cabo currency
Mountain melodies Medical research objective
Vowel-rich woodwind Sunday paper barrage
Dawns on CIO or CFO
4.0, for a straight-A student Equine eats
He pours at tiki bars Spring dance prop
Certain show horse H.S. practical skills class
Like good causes "Domo arigato" Styx song
Choice words Common fuel additive
Startup funders: Abbr. Product of Bali
Route through Richmond "It was a joke!"
NASA mission of May '69 Pedi concerns
Fix in time Wishful sentiment
Mindless way to learn Jumps in a pool, say
Not defying description Hit the thumbs-up button
Film promo Lamb's papa
Minimally distant Honor for some hosts
Merest shred Actors' gigs
Massive reference, for short Try to win the affection of

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