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Made errors in the outfield Olympic event for Bob Beamon
Self-defense technique Listing on a bill of lading
Blue Angels events Wealth-flaunting accessories
Isn't in gear Way to avoid getting tagged
What a plea deal concedes Like most convenience stores
Put a number on Broadway misfire
Hand-held explosive Humiliated
Like many back-seat drivers' comments Surf and __ (combo entree)
App with a My Eyes Only feature File-size unit, familiarly
Lawgiver of Exodus Schubert compositions
A solo HR earns a batter one ATV with four tires
Sudden storms with whipping winds Lucy's TV pal
Soon, in Shakespeare Cuddle-worthy
How suspects who have fled may be tried Supply with eats
Made mistakes competing in bees Berra or a bear
The six in a cockpit's "six-pack" Summer getaway for some
Place that'll rent you a set of wheels Latin for "gold"
Words spoken during a solemn oath Breakout movie role, say
Calming drug Obi-Wan ___ (Jedi master)
Commemorative tablet Keep things up?
A way away Bludgeoned, across the pond
Works at, as a bar ''O __, can you see . . .''
Bar-mitzvah keepsake Rises and shines
Game with a lengthy buildup? Chair's elbow rest
Sediment in a wine barrel "What ___ have you got?"
Becomes solid, perhaps Not-fast-enough food?
Legend of R. & B. Created yarn or tales
Gave approval for Ran out of charge
Nod up and down "He stole my purse!"
Meeting leader Implements for some crossword solvers
Home, slangily Grammy winner Costello
Name in Big Tech since October, 2021 Big name in shapewear clothing
Fall bloom that resembles a daisy Beset by enemies
Core principles Mountain's apex
Hindu spiritual adviser Letters on an old phone's 0 button
"Frankenstein" writer Like a bouffant hairdo
Bill known as the "Science Guy" Enjoy great and sudden success
Competes on snowy slopes Failure to exercise appropriate care
Tasks in music, painting, etc. Tongue sense
"No thirds for me!" Like hastily made plans
Socialize at a party Detroit's Belle ___ Park
Neutral, park, or reverse Come __ of the rain (stop getting wet)
Hopping western rodents "Let me be blunt..."
Penniless one 2012 Affleck film that won Best Picture
Ones that spout profusely Time for celebratory texts, briefly
Really slow parties Mate for Hagar the Horrible
Reclusive person ___ nodes
Payton nicknamed the Glove Task that's required
"From a Distance" singer Kept in check
Purchase for prom, maybe Australian red wine
Scully on "The X-Files" Pig's wallowing spot
Sparkly bit on a gala gown Calvin's tiger companion, in the comics
Politician who's good at meet and greets Kathmandu natives
Polite request starter New car of 1905
Snow-covered trails Working with needle and thread
Grim personification of death Actor Guzman of "Traffic"
Monster often seen wielding a club Possible injury from a body blow
Kitchen cookers Included in an email
Burned dinners Moles dig it up
British nobleman below a marquess Fabric features
Witch's ''stick'' vehicle Acting smug
Pharmacy item, informally Superhero's special skills
Cheerios, largely Social crafting event
"Chairman" of Chinese Communism Playground place
Early TVs Author of "The Gold-Bug"
Some USN officers Roads that often cross avenues: Abbr.
Declare one's support of Curving, like the sun crossing the sky
Jessica with two Oscars and three Emmys What biographies detail
One of two "royal" sleeping options Chicken cacciatore quintet
Nicholas II was the last one Submit a resume (for), as a job
Choose words that start the same