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Safari head protector Traditional farm equine
Hotel at a snowy resort Fate-related
Samson's barber Folk-rock singer Bob
Bike helmet brand Washington suburb in Maryland
"I want to hear!" "Je t'___" ("I love you": Fr.)
A thou Adorable pet
Column slant: Abbr. Bud in baseball's Hall of Fame
Woodworking rods Mexican cheer
Musical mixture Frank Sinatra song
Skiing champ Phil or Steve Nauru's capital
Relative of a mink Telethon call-in
Has some sushi say Noon to 1 pm, for example
Minor role Sure of oneself
Lorenzo Lamas' actress mama Vigorously attempt
Sob story sentiment Second notes of a scale
Close as a backpack Jeopardy! legend Jennings
Move it – now! In need of tidying
Period enjoyed by an introvert Hosp. test scan
Ore.'s eastern neighbor Die Another Day actress Berry
Color like Easter eggs "Wicked, dude!"
Lyft's ride-sharing rival Christian, to a Jew
Textile mill worker Light model wood
Football stats: Abbr. Aye’s equivalent (and anagram)
Overseas business abbr. __ showing: theater info
Locate the source of Commercial prefix with Turf
Mandolin's Indian kin Rubbish container
Big name in aftershave Regulatory shift
Researcher's workplace Hoops grp.
Dramatic lament Winter "bite" source
Patrol, like a cop Pirate flag features
Source of spumante wine Reckless, as a decision
Scrooge's "Dang!" Indie rock singer Phair
__-and-dagger (secretive) Nike alternative
Cheats in hide-and-seek Soccer cry
Scene of a event Sense of right and wrong
Half of due Yorkipoo, e.g.
Inspiring lust Country name on a Madrid Euro
Not at any time Install, as a cleric
Soviet WWII force Baroque stringed instruments
Experimental working model Ship's chart
Another name for Lamb Ft. Wayne's state
Drove away What did ___ wrong?
Save as from a flood or fire Ice-climber's boot attachment
Glossy floor finish Off-the-cushion pool shot
Like some murals Most wicked
No chooser, so they say Time and ___ wait for no man
Sensei's studio Cardiologist's X-ray
Brigitte Macron, par exemple Classroom instructor
Often-awkward H.S. class Spot for spa soaking
In a wild way Penny-__: unimportant
Beatles song Small jeweled crown
Tipperary tip jar coin Googly ___
Push, as one's goods Like a running total
Kid's homemade topper Object of mosque prayers
Throw under a table? Mint __ (bourbon drink)
Bee's attack Play-reviewing aid
Ewe kid Freeloaders
Less bright, as colors "Bummer, bloke!"
Say on a stack of Bibles Freddie Mercury song
Archer on Valentine's cards It’s planted on Arbor Day
Prickly husks Intricate garden feature
Zany person Hole punches
Non-purebred pup George Harrison song
Metal such as cerium Bistro fixtures
"Oh, absolutely!" That’s yucky!
Org. based in Fort Meade, Md. Beige look-alike

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