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Heat source for Scrooge Pessimistic
Group making sturdy furniture __ it coming
"Copacabana" singer Supergirl actress Durance
Way, on the Appian Way Ancient letter symbols
''All about them'' pieces Stylish sophistication
Nighttime in Naples Hardware fasteners
Ovine animals Pretty weighty
Start of it all, perhaps Query after a tumble
Companions of ladders Way to think or read
Of immense impact Prime ___ (cut of beef)
Seize improperly Diamond Head greeting
Low prime Russell of boxed chocolates
Falling away Gives for safekeeping
Word often said with a sigh One finger for a fastball, say
"Are you blaming me?!" Western movie challenge
Throat annoyance Measures of about 5 mL
Frequent NHL game anthem ___-lighting ceremony
Pricey offering at big hotels First line of attack
Manual comeuppance Intolerant Seuss creature
Address for a homie Pull from in front
___ the door (showed out) Design datum
Pacific battleground of 1945 Speedway events
Move slowly Typical native of Oman
Some party reminders Rude question, perhaps
Takes place over and over Cubes in a Big Gulp
Five for the faithful Earthquake production
Slovene's neighbor Campus figure
Tray of cookies, perhaps Late-night TV host Meyers
3-4 ounces, perhaps Quick Draw's co-creator
Spew, as insults Mario's "See ya!"
Site of base pairs Flowing garment
Rooms at the top Smallest as prices
Opaque wall piece Manhattan providers
Word in many hymn titles Space Race contender
Leave stunned ''I'm a good example''
Looks untowardly toward Subsided like a storm
Clarinet's category Very much
It may run during a sad movie Acrobatic spring
Construction site protection Oktoberfest cubes
Bad boo-boo Tries out some wheels
American island territory '50s-'60s car features
Cooped-up layers At the crack of dawn
Defeat, and then some Memo attachment
Genesis producer Progenitor's opposite
Austen's aspiring matchmaker Paid expert
Jail, informally Needing the most liniment
About 1 in 60 U.S. residents Barely visible edgewise
More twisted, in a way Chromosome map
Large feathered runner Financial agents
How coffee may be served Daredevil's video device
Monastic leader Hernando's ''happening''
Make verboten Fish with a pointed snout
Poirot's assent Colorful prize
Places for me-time Perform really, really poorly
Pacific climate affecter Cassette successor
''__ Torino'' (Eastwood film) Home in a 1939 film
Word with "suit" or "blanket" "It's headed right at us!"
11-billion-acre region "Beat Bobby Flay" contestant
Status of many an Oscar winner Island of the Tuscan coast
Crude-carrying vessel "__ just won't do"
What most gamblers do

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