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Turned up just a little Limitation-of-freedom metaphor
Dojo master Sweetie, in recent slang
Coast Guard cutter, e.g. Comment from Dr. Watson
Stud poker secret Amenity at a fancy hotel
One with dreads, maybe Rude one in an audience
Amazed initials "__ nothing new"
One known for bumbling Making it
Violent disorder Sphere front
Ensemble des forces militaires Like aloha shirt designs
Barrio store Johannes Gutenberg, for one
Big name in online dating Stride affectedly
Black-and-white stack Obsolescent storage device
Flat highland Lifesaving prosthetic
Bawdy Britcom, briefly What might take a while?
Summer destination Queens tennis venue honoree
Snare element Asks to be excused, with "off"
Mailed, as invites Doubled, perhaps
"Jeopardy!" genius Jennings Market debut, briefly
Latin initialism on a cross Lorax creator
Some munchies Divide violently
Hawaii, e.g. Queensland critter
Buddhist temple sight Certain fair fare
"Then again ...," in texts Human faculty
Alternative to a Civic Too principled for
Lift at a resort Two-year-olds, say
The Bishop of Rome DE Dec. setting
Opposite of original Sighting from a crow's-nest
Ding-a-ling or ding-dong Conspicuous and annoying
Lob toward Savory liquid
Year-end reward Herbivore of coastal waters
"I'm amused" Voice actor for Carl in "Up"
Diagram at a business meeting Hypothetical account
Unspecific others ''p,'' to a pianist
Motorcycle appendages Arabian, for one
House's ''bones'' German brewing surname
"Fifty Shades of Grey," e.g. Insubstantial
Tiny soup base Succeed in securing
Numerical trio Hay, say
Triage pro Extremely vivid
Dance company Bank stmt. line
Gather wool from Tiramisu dusting
Out-of-state purchase fee Powdered green tea leaves
Kate Brown is its gov. Painting on dry plaster
"Sure, makes sense" Singer's showcase
Number one starter Pitched high
Whiff at the plate Reindeer's foot
Page One identifier Relating to body structure
Overwhelm with clamor Basis for deciding a case
Floor measurement "I just knew it!"
Female ruminant Cry of delight
Clear, as car windows Starling's adviser
Remove from the books Good, in Gascogne
Not just think Confine on the farm
Stop from leaking Obstacle for Hannibal
Considered in full Bottom line contents, often
Not at all alert What red might mean
With clean hands Org. that's not lax at LAX