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Pointy-hatted garden figures Sycophant Heep
Saddle sitter's woe Loud chime
Up ___ point (not completely) Center space on a bingo card
All people, with "the" Material in medical gloves
Shuts, as a door Auto wheels
Pay-__-view (TV service) Total up (to)
Chicago’s county or a chef Ice-skate parts
Anne who teamed with Stiller Relentless critic
Tart-tasting carbonated drink "__ a Sin": Pet Shop Boys hit
Not deviating from Fashion's Versace
Thin spaghetti Squad without subs
Apple music holder Anne Bronte, to Emily
Moe or Curly, e.g. Jazz music fan
Flat to change, in Chelsea Bounce off the wall
Sugary menu course Neither good nor bad
Chinos’ color often One two three four
White dollop on a baked potato Michelob diet beer
Chinese restaurant side dish Lexicographer's love
Wolf's head? The Earth rotates on it
Their blades spin on hot days Good for snuggling up in
Pollen propagator UFO fliers, for short
Blue-necked Australian birds Sometimes-standing workplace
Went ___ rampage Retirement home staff?
___ de plume (writer’s alias) Ring-shaped
Carp that can be gold-colored Florida, mostly
Fast-forward targets Online chats, briefly
Range hood brand Instructs privately
Food on a cob Coif for the prom
Online site for making a will Drink in a small cup
“Mr. Anderson” in “The Matrix” Leg area in front of the calf
"... mighty __ has struck out" Bird that turns its head
Fishes that resemble lampreys Summer weather word
Needy cat noise Door-securing devices
Zoey’s roommate on “Grown-ish” Solar energy source
His Holiness the Dalai ___ Needing a massage perhaps
Your street and city Defiant reply
Animal that resembles a rabbit Abbr. before a highway number
“___ they kidding?” Neighbor of Pennsylvania
Jet with a droopy nose (Abbr.) Game of long odds
''Two-car'' storage area Laughing Facebook reaction
Whence ancient Jewish scrolls ___ far (up to this point)
A statue's arms attach to it It rests in a phone's cradle
What fills a reservoir "Teen Mom 2" network
Words between busy and bee Pre-Kentucky Derby postings
Chopped cabbage sides Get a guffaw from
French for “yes” Mount Everest's home

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