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Procrastinator's vow Musical pair, commonly
Reverse, say ''Argo'' actor
Diamond pros Of tiny pollinators
Samsung : Bixby :: Apple : __ Word on Marlin uniforms
''I do not want to,'' in court __ work (apply)
How you want things unfolding TV listing abbr.
Circular form It's in your trunk
Indy's phobias Rental at Aspen
Vacant, in a way NBA div.
Author Mitch Blocks for blacksmiths
Potpourri's quality All agog
Plush transport Punic Wars instigator
Stadium sound Kit Carson hangout
Antonym of ''withdraw'' Unwitting victim
Want to scratch Capital not far from Callao
Having __ (having fun) Zagat, for one
Apparatus in fabric production I, symbolically
''That is . . .'' Radar product
Transmission problem Motor oil buy
Viral bug Social prohibition
Of talking Draining target?
Buddy of Bausch Popular U.S. street name
Pulpy fruit Part of a window
Community school org. ''DIa'' fractions
Snow huts Roxette and Eurythmics
Account with 24 books Cottony applicator
What MacDonald had Rub out
Quick munch Alibaba had it in '19
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