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Supplier of bills Carrot, for a snowman
Low-tech note-taking aid Yeshiva leaders
E-sports enthusiast Common Russian female name
''__ open book!'' Stuck a fork in
Response to tickling Red wine from France
Dr. show locales Dojo maneuver
Solid reasoning Island in the Commonwealth
Sign of something missing Decorative fish
Bump from the schedule Malawi-to-Kenya dir.
Branson's region Like most oatmeal
Hawks, e.g. Karaoke selection
Basenji and Borzoi Cruise ship facilities
Well, I'll be dammed! Cry of terror
Juul, e.g. Nickname like Dolph
Salon overhaul Key beside G
Hobby farm animals Had a follow-up session
What Brits call some beans Experienced one
''Maggie May'' singer [2016] Shiraz's land
Wisecracking Marvel superhero Francs' successors
Prominent, after "on" Part of an acacia tree
Actor Don of old Hollywood Staring-into-space experiences
__ tax Low wind
Thesaurus pioneer Tailgate party recyclable
Flamingo descriptor Homeowner's need
Semidomed church area Treated meanly
2000s Yankee nickname Workers in wicker
Oven-prepared desserts Set free on a farm
Worker at a recycling plant Farm animals
'80s-'90s Compaq laptop model Tool in a kit
One of the Fab Four [1997] Places to lodge
Dock area QVC sister channel
Seconded, so to speak Paranoid types, slangily
Infomercial ritual Immortal name in dance
Futon alternatives Checked out at the library
Metric of corporate success Golfer's vehicle
Previously enjoyed Lacrosse stick attachments
Middle of a diamond Large quantity, in Quito
Scythe blade shapes Like classic Disney films
He was "thumb" critic! Melt down, as fat
Warrior, e.g., in yoga Soaking settings
Source of sandwich seeds ''__ fair in . . . ''
Dark forebodings It's always something
Beasts with tusks Watson of films
Suspenseful Really tickles
Features of many malls Sudden rise
Ease, as symptoms "... but it'll cost you"
Contact electronically Security rounds
Eye roll accompanier, often Task to do
Bit of legal advice "Now that was funny!"
San __ (Costa Rica's capital) Big drink of water
Mocking sarcasm Rolling Stones leader [2003]
They may be ''best'' Stale, as jokes
National Lawn and Garden Mo. Top celebs
Rabid enthusiast Bee Gees cofounder [2018]
Irish flutist [2001] Court game word
Word of reproof Chicken dinner choice
Traditional wedding serving "True Detective" actor McNairy

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