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Sun Devils' rival Ending for fool or fiend
One of 100 in D.C.: Abbr. MDW : Midway :: __ : O'Hare
Heavy-duty boot feature Lime suffix
Failure of a film Little resistance
Late Night With ___ Meyers Cabinetry material
Ranch herd Some are scrambled
___ big kid now! Remote choice
Cries of epiphany Something difficult to do
Hey ___ fast! (Slow down!) Tells off
Opening payment in poker Hootenanny instrument
Typical Egyptian Positive kind of attitude
Do you know what time ___? "Act like you're supposed to!"
Wild animal attraction Avoid, as a lawn
British slang for mother Script fraction
December 25 saint Brexit negotiation figure
Word of caution Airport agent
Recycle container ___ go bragh! (Irish slogan)
Faraway planet Fills a cargo hold
Completely mistaken ''__ moment please . . .''
Silicon Valley VIP Coatrack features
ID badge holder Variety of beer
Little taste Wolf's home?
Practically an eternity Make an indelible mark on
Spoil, as a grandchild Miles per hour, say
Humidifier or toaster Hardly staccato
Skunk emission Exercised at the natatorium
Mysterious sort Steak specification
Sleeps in a tent, say Borrowed from
Performers in a film Root around
11-time French Open champ Sn, to chemists
Comic book sound effect Bath tissue layer
Employer of a masseur Swampy land
Like King Maha Vajiralongkorn Email contact info, informally
TV medical prodigy Howser Puts a sale price on, maybe
Shakes one's booty She'll teach you a lesson
Modifier for "film" or "pinot" Yemen gulf port
Military expert, say Unnervingly strange
Fathers and uncles Insecure actress Issa ___
"Downton __": PBS show ___ spot (touchy subject)
Took to task Alleviate traffic on, perhaps
Puppy-raising person Sponge alternative
Cool, in dated slang School uniform part, perhaps
"I must be off!" Come through in the ___
Enter to steal from Chocolate choice
Facilitating Mineral in shower powders
Set aside for later Stop being secret
Canoe implements Kidney unit
Noble couple Jason betrayed her
Obstruct, as a stream Chicago-based station
Ike's battleground Diner inventory
Dye tank Not on the same page
Underground missile bunker Brain cells
Activated, as alarms Oohed and ___ (sounded amazed)
Library movie offerings Odyssey competitor
10-time NBA All-Star Jason Alternative to fries
"That's a good one!" Bike lane encroacher
Country singer ___ Ann Womack High-altitude cryptid
It's bound for the barn I.C.U. drippers
Hathaway of "Ocean's Eight" Throne seizer
Top-level Boy Scouts Untouchable?
Sandy heap in the Sahara say "Haven't the foggiest"
One running off to wed What a predator pursues
Yemen's largest city Athletes' shower?
Becomes rigid Wrestling combos
Stock reply? Cat, in Costa Rica
Peyton Manning's four? Cafeteria worker's cover
Site for a sale Opposite of oui in Paris
Labradoodle sound Yemen's fourth-largest city
"Nicely done!" Auditory body part
Modern speed-detection system 88s or 89s, e.g.

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