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Gravelly voiced sort Initialism that may also end with Q
Achieve recognition Heckling holler
Toms' counterparts Cole Porter's "___ Sensational"
Ancestor to us all "Bohemian Rhapsody" Oscar winner
Going one's own way Title teacher in a James Hilton novella
Returns expert Logan of TV news
Person with plain habits? What might be called a ''pactronym''
Gymnastics star Simone Santa alias
Subject of the slogan Knowing, as a private joke
Apt. IDs Co. that pays income taxes
Firm focus Grew more severe
State house person, for short ''Burden of Proof'' author
All-time strikeout king Ryan ''Hamilton'' antagonist
Seize eagerly Workers who make lots of calls
Org. mandating eyewash stations Espresso-based coffee concoction
Walnut's ice cream partner Hardwood with an edible seed
Life Savers shape Holstein chew
Smallest group Hartsfield, Jackson or La Guardia
Adverb in the "Star Wars" intro crawl Grown-up grps.
Show that you mean it Hollywood's Hepburn
Recognizes silently Source of Real ID cards
Piscine appendages ESPN sister network
Animals in a herd Canvassing technique
Enabler, of a sort ''Over the Rainbow'' audience
Exclamation after a personal victory Table setting item
Hardly plentiful Gambling mecca on the South China Sea
Truant, e.g. Sounds of rebuke
Board, as a bus Tennis ace Williams
In complete agreement Don't go away quickly
Becomes clear Lexington sch. founded in 1839
Average citizen Questionable political spending
Assume illegally Olympic games
Claim in court Big black-and-white beasts
Without favoritism Sunburn applications
Tradespersons Centurion protector
Social functions Clown suit accessory
Twain's title lawyer Insect dating from the Jurassic era
Mystery-solving Wolfe Mug for the camera, maybe
What some software blocks GM's Mary Barra, e.g.
Singer Alessia Michelangelo masterwork in St. Peter's
Mouthed stadium greeting Key of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
Place de la Bastille location "Helpful hardware folks" brand
Handsewn toys One sharing quarters
Feature of some eyeglasses Taiko instruments
House disciplinarians Org. with 132 Pulitzer Prizes
Afro-Caribbean sound Lilibet __ (Prince Harry's daughter)
12-time WNBA All-Star Bird Letter-shaped groove
Strips in the freezer Dover sch.
Churchgoer, e.g. Saying something
Email element Showed a preference for, in a way
24 heures Like many a motto
Inky color