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Skeet enthusiast Skateboard stunt
Air quality watchdog: Abbr. Ed who plays Santa in "Elf"
Attempts it Balls in coin-op machines, say
Unpredictable leg joint Sells, perhaps by machine
Just pretend "The thing is ... "
Something sprinkled on salad Drooping flower feature
Senator Romney Checkout calculation
Hot-day snack Lofty ambitions
Mathematician's x and y Tyke on a trike
SweetWater Georgia Brown, e.g. It might be opened in a bar
Increase the stakes Big Apple power company
One with piece offerings? Smears in the newspaper
Hotel's towel distributor Stare creepily
Nightcap go-with, in brief "Your car is ready"
Org. seeking clean skies "Out, out!"
Sound of toasts "The tournament is finished"
Slipper alternatives, briefly Heightened state
Game of checkers? Rolls of cash
Self-glory Poker declaration
Happy cowpoke's cry Colorful neckwear
Single's bars? Home Depot rival
Rendered an anthem Drawn from various sources
Cereal brand ''for kids'' Ceviche flavoring
Vow to get even? By the dawn's early light?
Texting pal, maybe Plutocrat's suffix
Comedian Wong Exclusive place for tennis
Doctoral productions Vengeful ''Star Wars'' group
Risky thing to go out on Fun-loving type
___-forgotten Minimally pigmented
Part of a tavern Relief organization's goal
Responder to a 911 call: Abbr. Tiara sparklers
007 portrayer Daniel Expression of fashion
Arduous work Scholarly one
Female compadre Barbecue serving
One whose work can be a pane Rooms to Go rival
Univ. units Boardwalk scavenger
Playground rebuttal More sticky and viscous
Refused to take it anymore Car fronts
Suffix with good and willing Walking, talking example
Barely got by, with ''out'' Quiet corners
"In that case, fine" Medicinal qty.
"Leave it to me!" Hat for a chef
"La Traviata," for one Stripped (of)
Where thunderheads form Refinery-bound ship
Label on a fragile package Bay of Bengal nation
Make stricter Like much desert terrain
Penthouse selling point Shortly, in a sonnet
Game of concealed dalliance It's monumental
Ad by MADD, e.g. Like many dinar spenders
Place to veg "Who woulda thunk ...?"
Strip of a shoe Letter-shaped cereal
Cable news anchor Hill Creepazoid's gaze
Democrat's rival circa 1850 ''To repeat . . .''
What a prankster may drop Bread accompanying saag paneer
Many an animated meme Register ocularly
Spock suppressed them Mud bath purveyor
Best's successor on the drums "You can pump your water now"