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We've rebranded! Now we sell tiny tongs! 12 ounces, often, for a drink
Mexican chili peppers MENSA members
Hamstring stretchers "We are not ___"
Roads to nowhere Org. at the front of a phone book
Wrist mishaps Crypto unit
Apt rhyme of "Achoo!" Sign for a speaker to wrap things up
One may be 5-4 Desert "I" land?
Chill dude Olds model of the 2000s
Place for a feather Gravy soppers
Powerfully built Dancer's gig
Ready for a studio interview ___ Berg, baseball player turned spy
First plant on Earth, it's thought Tomato sauce extra
Connecting or separating Cristiano Ronaldo's team: Abbr.
What lions use to hunt Drops like flies?
Drift in the breeze Become liquidy
Farmer's hope, maybe Sudden burst of speed
Some bridge positions Type of lawn grass
Major export of Venezuela Director Orson
Language in which "hello" is sabaanydii Lover boy
Laundry room clips Word with front or help
Louis Braille, when he invented Braille Dreaded words to a bluffer
At another time, in poetry Locale of tiny tunnels
Sent through the mail Guatemalan greeting
What's always in poems? WWII film setting
Teases with meanness "America's Got Talent" segment
Hair salon device What C or D might indicate
Make oneself heard, in a way Key board players
Like only some mushrooms Whisk-y business?
''Pay attention now'' 100 ore
Chances taken 8.5" x 14"
Architect's specs Product on discount
Big parties Family members
Large computers Give, but not as a gift
Feathered symbol of Australia Penultimate letter in the NATO alphabet
Streaming competitor Littlest teams
French house See the sites?
Opinions given Multiple choice option
Not a southpaw Turnpike divisions
Bistro hosts Parisienne female friend
Literally, "three teeth" Pop singer Flack
Runner's woe Unearthly odd
Scuba ___ Sea spray
Pumpkin, for one Metric measurement initialism
Some T.S.A. no-nos Advance funds
We've rebranded! Now we sell ivy! MENSA may accept them in lieu of IQs
Held firmly