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Pop music's Backstreet __ "I get it now!" cries
Jeep model named for a tribe Pastry that might be sticky
Mr. Kringle of Christmas Do nothing on a sofa
''Anything could happen'' Things to pucker
Beach head-turners Geol. or chem., e.g.
Full of good sense Cow kid
Walk into a plane Laurel seen with Hardy
Hyphen-like mark Olympics ski race
Apr. and Oct. Musical work with sopranos
Nattily dressed fellows ''Understand?''
"Peanuts" newspaper section ''. . . and all __ jazz''
Pinot __: white wine grape What ''there's no place like''
Thieves' bank jobs State east of Indiana
Fit for a queen or king To no __ (unsuccessful)
Public school support grps. Basketball scoring technique