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Iuppiter or Saturnus Drama starter?
___ awakening "Well, that's not gonna happen"
Alternative to a saucer? Beats by Dre logo, essentially
Egglike shape Severe doping penalties
Finds credible Absurd, informally
Bit of silly behavior Nose-horned safari beasts
Kid's dismayed cry "Big ___ better grow up" (Beyonce lyric)
Jukebox musical featuring ABBA songs Part of an inner circle?
Mystical "Doctor" of Marvel Comics Deep black
Work week start, for many Gossip, slangily
Resume listings "Oh, sure, whatever you say"
Highly punchable, say Rainbow's path
Like Freud's first stage of development Output of a spitballing session
Audibly unpleasant Wildebeest, by another name
Lead-in to -graphic or -mercial Mandible or maxilla
Get promoted despite poor performance Word that often precedes "immemorial"
Self-absorption Tuesday, in French
Alternative to a tweet? Soccer or hockey score
Employee perk like a company car They know how you feel
Pay period, for some Line up a jump shot, say
Christiane Amanpour's channel Folks, for short
Stellar stalker African bird
Beginning of a screenplay Like intl. addresses, to Americans
Bank robbers might wear them Shines brightly
Sharp knock on a door Makeup of New Jersey's Palisades
"I'm begging u" Pushing technological boundaries
Vaio laptop maker Grapefruit part
Tracks on a muddy road, e.g. Sportscast topic
Compound found in marijuana, for short Rolling, as a landscape
Brazilian greetings Assistant with many different voices
Boat built in Genesis Leaves hanging, as a date
Squealer's squeal Business profitability calculation
Coin in a Colson Whitehead title Academic institution, in Aussie slang
Brief "Then again ... " Candy heart message
Puts a lid on Character with pipes and horns
Not yet settled Alternative to Chris
Home to the Viking Ship Museum Bed bug?
___ Buddy (rhyming Little Debbie treat) Easter events
One might be knitted Common horse breed
Podcast installments, informally Schnauzer sound
Headed into extra innings, perhaps Stars that are blowing up?
San Antonio landmark Worker's post-vacation busyness
Nobel Prize category for Dr. King Animated type, for short
Namibia-to-Angola direction Neighborhood that's home to Sylvia's
Cordless Internet connection Percussion instrument for Poncho Sanchez
Like netting Other side of a playground argument
"Your chariot ___" Prescription regulating agcy.
Capital within the Red River Delta Chilean sea __
Due to be disciplined Personal space on the internet, maybe
Hits a homer, in baseball lingo Garbage can contents
Bedside-table item One side of a playground argument
"That's right!" Cut down on the calories
Laura Dern's "Little Women" role Kitchen fire, for one
Big feather Inc. or Ms.
It's hot Group at the top
Notting Hill native "Mr. Blue Sky" band, to fans
Word with rock or soap Fast-paced
Things to avoid falling into Scent from an animal
Ancestor of a termite, surprisingly Thick-skinned safari beast
"Sky Ladder" artist ___ Guo-Qiang Trendy place
Georgia Sports Hall of Fame site 18th letters
Creates suds Be armed
LAX monitors Actress/inventor Lamarr
Many a viral tweet British herding dog
Some Algonquians Size for some quiches and skirts
Chin curtain, e.g. Person with a mortarboard