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Comics cry of discomfort Many an oxide in rocks
Attractive, as clothing Picnic fare, for short
Cold War military force Certain steaks
Joey in the Hundred Acre Wood Galaxy alternative
''Shut up!'' Title Inuit in a 1922 film
Robin Roberts' network Powerful leader
Flower that does well in shade W competitor
Symbol of Maryland "__ Life": Beatles
Voice-over descriptor Radioactivity action
Pronoun-shaped girder Biographer Chernow
European scale measure Noise from a nursery
Tray for bricks Scottish folk hero
Ski jump's approach ramp Oblique direction
Big name in metal Its academy is in CO
One in Maslow's hierarchy Melatonin, for one
Ludlum's agent Not turn
Encouragement from Enrique ABA designation
Naruhito's home Pay attention
Vent one's anger App with much swiping
Carelessly quick Like a grade of D
Planetary motion Sensitive, as a subject
Out of it Sandwich sausage, for short
Kepi and kufi Money sources, briefly
Bid the most Vote for approval
Scan meant to minimize anxiety Runner for racing
Soda selection She's not buying it
Carnival ride cry Sound from a ponderer
Didn't conceal Personal hygiene aid
__-GMO (food package label) Quietly evade
What are made for the future