A bench is a piece of furniture, on which several people may sit at the same time. Benches are typically made of wood, but may also be made of metal, stone, or synthetic materials. Many benches have arm and back rests; some have no back rest and can be sat on from either side. In American public areas, benches are often donated by persons or associations, which may then be indicated on it, e.g. by a small plaque. Benches are used both outdoors and indoors.

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  1. A long seat, for example, in the park.
    They sat on a park bench and tossed bread crumbs to the ducks and pigeons.
  2. The people who decide on the verdict; the judiciary.
    They are awaiting a decision on the motion from the bench.
  3. The place where the judges sit.
    She sat on the bench for 30 years before she retired.
  4. The place where players (substitutes) and coaches sit when not playing.
    He spent the first three games on the bench, watching.
  5. The number of players on a team able to participate, expressed in terms of length.
    Injuries have shortened the bench.
  6. A place where assembly or hand work is performed; a workbench.
    She placed the workpiece on the bench, inspected it closely, and opened the cover.
  7. A horizontal padded surface, usually with a weight rack, used for support during exercise.
  8. A bracket used to mount land surveying equipment onto a stone or a wall.
    After removing the bench, we can use the mark left on the wall as a reference point.
  9. A flat ledge in the slope of an earthwork, work of masonry, or similar.
  10. A thin strip of relatively flat land bounded by steeper slopes above and below.
  11. A kitchen surface on which to prepare food, a counter.
  12. A collection or group of dogs exhibited to the public, traditionally on benches or raised platforms.

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. The weight one is able to bench press, especially the maximum weight capable of being pressed.
    He became frustrated when his bench increased by only 10 pounds despite a month of training.


  1. To remove a player from play.
    They benched him for the rest of the game because they thought he was injured.
  2. To remove someone from a position of responsibility temporarily.
  3. To push the victim back on the person behind them who is on their hands and knees, causing them to fall over.
  4. To furnish with benches.
  5. To place on a bench or seat of honour.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To lift by bench pressing
    I heard he can bench 150 pounds.

Verb (etymology 3)

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: bench
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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