The 2006 cinéma vérité documentary film, Thin, directed by Lauren Greenfield and distributed by HBO, is an exploration of The Renfrew Center in Coconut Creek, Florida; a 40-bed residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders. The film mostly revolves around four women with anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia and their struggles for recovery. It premiered on HBO on November 14th 2006.

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  1. A loss or tearing of paper from the back of a stamp, although not sufficient to create a complete hole.
  2. Any food produced or served in thin slices.
    chocolate mint thins
    potato thins


  1. To make thin or thinner.
  2. To become thin or thinner.
  3. To dilute.
  4. To remove some plants in order to improve the growth of those remaining.


  1. Having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite.
    thin plate of metal
    thin paper
    thin board
    thin covering
  2. Very narrow in all diameters; having a cross section that is small in all directions.
    thin wire
    thin string
  3. Having little body fat or flesh; slim; slender; lean; gaunt.
    thin person
  4. Of low viscosity or low specific gravity, e.g., as is water compared to honey.
  5. Scarce; not close, crowded, or numerous; not filling the space.
    The trees of a forest are thin; the corn or grass is thin.
  6. Describing a poorly played golf shot where the ball is struck by the bottom part of the club head. See fat, shank, toe.
  7. Lacking body or volume; small; feeble; not full.
  8. Slight; small; slender; flimsy; superficial; inadequate; not sufficient for a covering.
    a thin disguise


  1. Not thickly or closely; in a scattered state.
    seed sown thin

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: thin
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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