Collaborative Crossword Creation

At Crossword Nexus, we’re all about collaboration.  It’s why we’ve opened up the Collaborative Word List for anyone to modify and use, and why we’re releasing more and more of our codebase on GitHub.  With that in mind, we’re beyond pleased to announce a collaboration with the good folks at Beyond Wordplay: a Google sheet […]

Puzzle #3: I, Toons

PUZZLE LINKS: JPZ | Online Solver With the advent of online solving and advanced puzzle formats like JPZ, you have to question why we do some of the things we do.  Like, why mark theme entries with an asterisk?  If it’s not obvious which ones are your theme, you don’t want solvers hunting them down […]

Puzzle #2: Crossword Fiend

PUZZLE LINKS: JPZ | Online Solver Huge shout-out and very happy anniversary wishes to Amy Reynaldo and her whole crew with the original and still best crossword blog in all the land.  I can honestly say that had Amy not given my first published puzzle such a nice write-up, I don’t think I would have […]

The Collaborative Word List

For years now we’ve been hosting the collaborative word list at my personal web site, and it’s been fine, but there are a few disadvantages.  First, the list is completely reliant on my website, and if it goes down or changes something the list is down.  Second, the updater program is a packaged perl script […]

Embedding crosswords with the Nexus solver

PuzzleMe is the standard for embedding crosswords these days, and why not?  It’s got a slick interface, plenty of customization options, and analytics.  That said, there are some things it can’t handle.  If you want to embed a Marching Bands puzzle, or a Spiral, or any number of other variety puzzles, the PuzzleMe solver won’t […]