Puzzle #3: I, Toons

PUZ | PDF | JPZ | Online Solver With the advent of online solving and advanced puzzle formats like JPZ, you have to question why we do some of the things we do.  Like, why mark theme entries with an asterisk?  If it’s not obvious which ones are your theme, you don’t want solvers hunting them […]

Puzzle #2: Crossword Fiend

PUZ | PDF | JPZ | Online Solver Huge shout-out and very happy anniversary wishes to Amy Reynaldo and her whole crew with the original and still best crossword blog in all the land.  I can honestly say that had Amy not given my first published puzzle such a nice write-up, I don’t think I would […]

Puzzle #1: Dimensionless

PUZ | PDF | Online Solver Yes, this is yet another blog posting the occasional crossword puzzle.  This despite there being no shortage of great independent crossword puzzles out there.  So what do we bring to the table that other places don’t?  Well, open up this puzzle and you’ll see a few things immediately: This […]