1. Utmost measure or extent; highest state or degree; the state, position, or moment of fullness; fill.
    I was fed to the full.
  2. The phase of the moon when it is entire face is illuminated, full moon.


  1. To become full or wholly illuminated.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To baptise.

Verb (etymology 3)

  1. To make cloth denser and firmer by soaking, beating and pressing, to waulk, walk


  1. Containing the maximum possible amount of that which can fit in the space available.
  2. Complete; with nothing omitted.
  3. Total, entire.
  4. Having eaten to satisfaction, having a "full" stomach; replete.
  5. Of a garment, of a size that is ample, wide, or having ample folds or pleats to be comfortable.
  6. Having depth and body; rich.
    a full singing voice
  7. Having the mind filled with ideas; stocked with knowledge; stored with information.
  8. Having the attention, thoughts, etc., absorbed in any matter, and the feelings more or less excited by it.
    She's full of her latest project.
  9. Filled with emotions.
  10. Impregnated; made pregnant.


  1. Quite; thoroughly; completely; exactly; entirely.

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