In number theory and combinatorics, a partition of a positive integer n, also called an integer partition, is a way of writing n as a sum of positive integers. Two sums that differ only in the order of their summands are considered to be the same partition; if order matters then the sum becomes a composition. For example, 4 can be partitioned in five distinct ways:

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  1. An action which divides a thing into parts, or separates one thing from another.
  2. A part of something that has been divided.
  3. The division of a territory into two or more autonomous ones.
    ''Monarchies where partition isn't prohibited risk weakening trough parcellation and civil wars between the heirs
  4. A vertical structure that divides a room.
    a brick partition; lath and plaster partitions
  5. That which divides or separates; that by which different things, or distinct parts of the same thing, are separated; boundary; dividing line or space.
  6. A part divided off by walls; an apartment; a compartment.
  7. The severance of common or undivided interests, particularly in real estate. It may be effected by consent of parties, or by compulsion of law.
  8. A section of a hard disk separately formatted.
  9. A division of a database or one of its constituting elements such as tables into separate independent parts.
  10. A collection of non-empty, disjoint subsets of a set whose union is the set itself (i.e. all elements of the set are contained in exactly one of the subsets).
  11. A musical score.


  1. To divide something into parts, sections or shares
  2. To divide a region or country into two or more territories with separate political status
  3. To separate or divide a room by a partition (ex. a wall), often use with off

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: partition
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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