The publication, Print, A Quarterly Journal of the Graphic Arts, was a limited edition quarterly periodical begun in 1940 and continued under different names up to the present day as Print, a bimonthly American magazine about visual culture and design.

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  1. Books and other material created by printing presses, considered collectively or as a medium.
    Three citations are required for each meaning, including one in print.
    TV and the internet haven't killed print.
  2. Clear handwriting, especially, writing without connected letters as in cursive.
    Write in print using block letters.
  3. The letters forming the text of a document.
    The print is too small for me to read.
  4. A visible impression on a surface.
    Using a crayon, the girl made a print of the leaf under the page.
  5. A fingerprint.
    Did the police find any prints at the scene?
  6. A footprint.
  7. A picture that was created in multiple copies by printing.
  8. A photograph that has been printed onto paper from the negative.
  9. A copy of a film that can be projected.
  10. Cloth that has had a pattern of dye printed onto it.


  1. To copy something onto a surface, especially by machine.
    Print the draft double-spaced so we can mark changes between the lines.
    The circuitry is printed onto the semiconductor surface.
  2. To write very clearly, especially, to write without connecting the letters as in cursive.
    Print your name here and sign below.
    I'm only in grade 2, so I only know how to print.
  3. To publish in a book, newspaper, etc.
    How could they print an unfounded rumour like that?
  4. To stamp or impress (something) with coloured figures or patterns.
    to print calico
  5. To fix or impress, as a stamp, mark, character, idea, etc., into or upon something.
  6. To stamp something in or upon; to make an impression or mark upon by pressure, or as by pressure.


  1. Of, relating to, or writing for printed publications.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: print
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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