Settle is a small market town and civil parish in the Craven district of North Yorkshire, England. Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, it is served by Settle railway station located near the town centre, and Giggleswick railway station which is a mile away. It is from Leeds Bradford Airport. The main road through Settle is the B6480, which links to the A65, connecting Settle to Skipton and Kendal. The town has a population of 2,421 according to the 2001 Census.

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  1. A seat of any kind.
  2. A long bench, often with a high back and arms, with storage space underneath for linen.
  3. A place made lower than the rest; a wide step or platform lower than some other part.


  1. To place in a fixed or permanent condition; to make firm, steady, or stable; to establish; to fix; especially, to establish in life; to fix in business, in a home, or the like.
  2. To establish in the pastoral office; to ordain or install as pastor or rector of a church, society, or parish.
  3. To cause to be no longer in a disturbed condition; to render quiet; to still; to calm; to compose.
  4. To clear of dregs and impurities by causing them to sink; to render pure or clear; -- said of a liquid
  5. To restore or bring to a smooth, dry, or passable condition; -- said of the ground, of roads, and the like.
  6. To cause to sink; to lower; to depress; hence, also, to render close or compact.
  7. To determine, as something which is exposed to doubt or question; to free from uncertainty or wavering; to make sure, firm, or constant; to establish; to compose; to quiet.
  8. To adjust, as something in discussion; to make up; to compose; to pacify.
  9. To adjust, as accounts; to liquidate; to balance.
  10. To pay.
  11. To plant with inhabitants; to colonize; to people.
  12. To become fixed or permanent; to become stationary; to establish one's self or itself; to assume a lasting form, condition, direction, or the like, in place of a temporary or changing state.
  13. To fix one's residence; to establish a dwelling place or home.
  14. To enter into the married state, or the state of a householder.
  15. To be established in an employment or profession.
  16. To become firm, dry, and hard, as the ground after the effects of rain or frost have disappeared.
  17. To become clear after being turbid or obscure; to clarify by depositing matter held in suspension.
  18. To sink to the bottom; to fall to the bottom, as dregs of a liquid, or the sediment of a reservoir.
  19. To sink gradually to a lower level; to subside, as the foundation of a house, etc.
  20. To become calm; to cease from agitation.
  21. To adjust differences or accounts; to come to an agreement.
  22. To make a jointure for a wife.

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