Shine is a 1996 Australian film based on the life of pianist David Helfgott, who suffered a mental breakdown and spent years in institutions. It stars Geoffrey Rush, Lynn Redgrave, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Noah Taylor, John Gielgud, Googie Withers, Justin Braine, Sonia Todd, Nicholas Bell, Chris Haywood and Alex Rafalowicz. The screenplay was written by Jan Sardi, and Scott Hicks directed the film. The degree to which the film's plot reflects the true story of Helfgott's life is disputed . The film made its US premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Geoffrey Rush was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1997 for his performance in the lead role.

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  1. Brightness from a source of light.
  2. Brightness from reflected light.
  3. Excellence in quality or appearance.
  4. Shoeshine.
  5. Sunshine.
  6. Moonshine.
  7. The amount of shininess on a cricket ball, or on each side of the ball.
  8. A liking for a person; a fancy.
    She's certainly taken a shine to you.
  9. A caper; an antic; a row.


  1. To emit light.
  2. To reflect light.
  3. To distinguish oneself; to excel.
  4. To be effulgent in splendour or beauty.
  5. To be eminent, conspicuous, or distinguished; to exhibit brilliant intellectual powers.
  6. To be immediately apparent.
  7. To create light with (a flashlight, lamp, torch, or similar).
  8. To cause to shine, as a light.
  9. To make bright; to cause to shine by reflected light.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To cause (something) to shine; put a shine on (something); polish (something).
    He shined my shoes until they were polished smooth and gleaming.
  2. To polish a cricket ball using saliva and one’s clothing.

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and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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