Puzzle #7: Hypersonic (Acrostic)

JPZ | Online Solver If you’re wondering why we’re posting so many acrostics recently, you may have missed the announcement of our Acrostic Puzzle Creation Tool.  Since that announcement we’ve made some improvements to the tool.  Most notably, you can now specify words you want to keep in the puzzle, and the tool will use […]

Puzzle #6: eZZZZ (Acrostic)

JPZ | Online Solver A terrific interview with Parker Higgins dropped last week at Beyond Wordplay, and while there were many good bits, this little sentence stood out the most to me: A funny gap is that no one really talks about the license under which blog puzzles are released. This really got to me, […]

Creating Acrostic Puzzles

The Crossword Nexus Solver has supported acrostic puzzles for a while now, but acrostic puzzles remain relatively uncommon in the indie puzzle community.  This is a shame, because acrostic puzzles are very fun, and I for one want to see more of them.  So what’s holding constructors back? Constructors may not know how to create […]

Puzzle #5: Live Aid (Acrostic)

Online Solver Why don’t more acrostics have titles? Aren’t they just rearranged quote theme puzzles? Here’s hoping this sparks a trend. Some of you have perhaps never solved an acrostic before, so here are instructions. Use the lettered clues below to fill in the numbered squares. Each letter will automatically be filled into the correspondingly […]

Diagramless Crosswords

 A few days ago, some of us had a great time doing some old New York Sun crosswords on stream, but instead of doing them the old-fashioned way, we first converted them to diagramless puzzles.  This added an extra challenge, and discovering the shape of the grid was a surprise each time.  It was […]