Puzzle #5: Live Aid (Acrostic)

Online Solver

Why don’t more acrostics have titles? Aren’t they just rearranged quote theme puzzles? Here’s hoping this sparks a trend.

Some of you have perhaps never solved an acrostic before, so here are instructions.

Use the lettered clues below to fill in the numbered squares. Each letter will automatically be filled into the correspondingly numbered square in the grid at the top, which features a quotation reading from left to right. Black squares represent word endings. The first letters of the clue answers will spell out the author of the quote’s source.

This is a smaller acrostic (maybe an acrostic midi?) so we’ve only got the author spelled out by the first letters of the clue answers.  We think some of you will recognize the source once you see it anyway.

No PDF or JPZ this week.  You can print the puzzle from the online solver if you’re feeling especially masochistic, but the online solver is the way to go.

Big thanks to our test-solvers Norah and Daedalus who had wildly different experiences on this one.  As a result, I’m not 100% sure if this will play hard or easy for you.  Good luck and enjoy!

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