Puzzle #25: Sassy Simian (Kaidoku)

PUZZLE LINKS: JPZ Download | Online Solver Titling coded crosswords is a challenge. The plan for this one was to hint at some grid entries. We’ll see how it plays. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a coded crossword, here’s the rundown: Each answer in a kaidoku, or coded crossword, is a common, lowercase […]

Puzzle #11: Kaidoku

Online Solver Man, this takes me back. Years and years ago, Matt Gaffney, Joon Pahk and I ran dozens of Kaidoku (otherwise known as “coded crosswords”) on my now-defunct blog.  Well I think it’s about time to bring these things back, so here’s one from the archives.  How does a Kaidoku work, you ask?  Well: […]