Puzzle #18: Coded Cryptic #2

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Reaction to our last coded cryptic was mostly positive, so let’s do it again. There was one common complaint, which is that most solvers didn’t look at all the cryptic clues. They used a few to find a foothold and then filled in the grid using the code, which is fine, but (a) it may have made it too easy for some and (b) it’s a shame not to look at all the clues we wrote. In this grid we’ve clued just the six-letter words (which form a border around the grid) and as usual, we’re not telling you which word corresponds with which entry.

Instructions, in case you missed the last puzzle:

Each answer in a coded crossword is a common, lowercase English word. The numbers 1 through 26 each stand for a different letter of the alphabet, and instances of a given number stand for the same letter throughout the entire grid. To help solve this one, some cryptic clues are presented in alphabetical order. It is up to you to determine where in the grid the answers to those clues should go.

Special thanks to Liari for giving these clues a once-over for me. Go check out her site, she’s awesome!

Enjoy the solve, and as always, if you plan to solve on Twitch, let us know about it!

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