Puzzle #12: I Keep Forgettin’

PUZZLE LINKS: JPZ Download | Online Solver Yacht Rock Puzzle #4 today. This episode has my favorite line of the whole series, and this puzzle has a gimmick I think you’ll like. Thanks to Kate, Chris, and Jacob for their test-solves. Enjoy the solve, and as always, if you plan to solve on Twitch, let […]

Puzzle #11: Kaidoku

Online Solver Man, this takes me back. Years and years ago, Matt Gaffney, Joon Pahk and I ran dozens of Kaidoku (otherwise known as “coded crosswords”) on my now-defunct blog.  Well I think it’s about time to bring these things back, so here’s one from the archives.  How does a Kaidoku work, you ask?  Well: […]

Puzzle #7: Hypersonic (Acrostic)

JPZ | Online Solver If you’re wondering why we’re posting so many acrostics recently, you may have missed the announcement of our Acrostic Puzzle Creation Tool.  Since that announcement we’ve made some improvements to the tool.  Most notably, you can now specify words you want to keep in the puzzle, and the tool will use […]

Puzzle #6: eZZZZ (Acrostic)

JPZ | Online Solver A terrific interview with Parker Higgins dropped last week at Beyond Wordplay, and while there were many good bits, this little sentence stood out the most to me: A funny gap is that no one really talks about the license under which blog puzzles are released. This really got to me, […]

Puzzle #5: Live Aid (Acrostic)

Online Solver Why don’t more acrostics have titles? Aren’t they just rearranged quote theme puzzles? Here’s hoping this sparks a trend. Some of you have perhaps never solved an acrostic before, so here are instructions. Use the lettered clues below to fill in the numbered squares. Each letter will automatically be filled into the correspondingly […]

Puzzle #3: I, Toons

PUZ | PDF | JPZ | Online Solver With the advent of online solving and advanced puzzle formats like JPZ, you have to question why we do some of the things we do.  Like, why mark theme entries with an asterisk?  If it’s not obvious which ones are your theme, you don’t want solvers hunting them […]