1. Determination, will power.
    ''It took all my resolve to go through with it.


  1. To find a solution to (a problem).
  2. To reduce to simple or intelligible notions; to make clear or certain; to unravel; to explain.
    to resolve a riddle
  3. To solve again.
  4. To make a firm decision to do something.
  5. To determine or decide in purpose; to make ready in mind; to fix; to settle.
    He was resolved by an unexpected event.
  6. To come to an agreement or make peace; patch up relationship, settle differences, bury the hatchet.
  7. To break down into constituent parts; to decompose; to disintegrate; to return to a simpler constitution or a primeval state.
  8. To cause to perceive or understand; to acquaint; to inform; to convince; to assure; to make certain.
  9. To cause a chord to go from dissonance to consonance.
  10. To find the IP address of a hostname, or the entity referred to by a symbol in source code; to look up.
  11. To melt; to dissolve; to liquefy or soften (a solid).
  12. To melt; to dissolve; to become liquid.
  13. To liquefy (a gas or vapour).
  14. To disperse or scatter; to discuss, as an inflammation or a tumour.
  15. To relax; to lay at ease.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: resolve
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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