Shaft is a 1971 American "blaxploitation" film directed by Gordon Parks, released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. An action film with elements of film noir, Shaft tells the story of a private detective, John Shaft, who travels through Harlem and to the Italian mob neighborhoods in order to find the missing daughter of a mobster. It stars Richard Roundtree as Shaft, Moses Gunn as Bumpy Jonas, Drew Bundini Brown as Willy, Charles Cioffi as Lt. Vic Androzzi, Christopher St. John as Ben Buford, and Gwenn Mitchell and Lawrence Pressman in smaller roles. The movie was adapted by Ernest Tidyman and John D. F. Black from Tidyman's 1970 novel of the same name.

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  1. The entire body of a long weapon, such as an arrow.
  2. The long, narrow, central body of a spear, arrow, or javelin.
  3. Anything cast or thrown as a spear or javelin.
  4. Any long thin object, such as the handle of a tool, one of the poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle, the driveshaft of a motorized vehicle with rear-wheel drive, an axle, etc.
  5. A beam or ray of light.
    Isn't that shaft of light from that opening in the cave beautiful?
  6. The main axis of a feather.
  7. The long narrow body of a lacrosse stick.
  8. A long, narrow passage sunk into the earth, either natural or for artificial
  9. A vertical passage housing a lift or elevator; a liftshaft.
  10. A ventilation or heating conduit; an air duct.
  11. Any column or pillar, particularly the body of a column between its capital and pediment
  12. The main cylindrical part of the penis.
  13. The chamber of a blast furnace.


  1. To fuck over; to cause harm to, especially through deceit or treachery
    Your boss really shafted you by stealing your idea like that.
  2. to equip with a shaft
  3. To fuck; to have sexual intercourse with
    Turns out my roommate was shafting my girlfriend.

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