Pull was the third album by American hard rock band Winger. The album was released in 1993 by Atlantic Records.

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  1. An act of pulling (applying force)
    He gave the hair a sharp pull and it came out.
  2. An attractive force which causes motion towards the source
    The spaceship came under the pull of the gas giant.
    iron fillings drawn by the pull of a magnet
    She took a pull on her cigarette.
  3. Any device meant to be pulled, as a lever, knob, handle, or rope
    a zipper pull
  4. Something in one's favour in a comparison or a contest; an advantage; means of influencing.
    In weights the favourite had the pull.
  5. Appeal or attraction or (as of a movie star)
  6. The situation where a client sends out a request for data from a server, as in server pull, pull technology
  7. A journey made by rowing
  8. A contest; a struggle.
    a wrestling pull
  9. Loss or violence suffered.
  10. The act of drinking.
    to take a pull at a mug of beer
  11. A kind of stroke by which a leg ball is sent to the off side, or an off ball to the side.


  1. to apply a force to (an object) so that it comes toward the person or thing applying the force
  2. To gather with the hand, or by drawing toward oneself; to pluck.
    to pull fruit from a tree; to pull flax; to pull a finch
  3. to apply a force such that an object comes toward the person or thing applying the force
    You're going to have to pull harder to get that cork out of the bottle.
  4. To draw apart; to tear; to rend.
  5. to persuade (someone) to have sex with one
    I pulled at the club last night.
    He's pulled that bird over there.
  6. to remove (something), especially from public circulation or availability
    Each day, they pulled the old bread and set out fresh loaves.
  7. to do or perform
    He regularly pulls 12-hour days, sometimes 14.
    You'll be sent home if you pull another stunt like that.
  8. to retrieve or generate for use
    I'll have to pull a part number for that.
  9. to toss a frisbee with the intention of launching the disc across the length of a field
  10. to row
  11. To strain (a muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.).
  12. To draw (a hostile non-player character) into combat, or toward or away from some location or target.
  13. to score a certain amount of points in a sport.
  14. To hold back, and so prevent from winning.
    The favourite was pulled.
  15. To take or make (a proof or impression); so called because hand presses were worked by pulling a lever.
  16. To strike the ball in a particular manner. (See noun sense.)
  17. To pour beer from a pump, keg, or other source.
    Let's stop at Finnigan's. The barkeep pulls a good pint.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: pull
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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