Stick is a fictional American comic book character owned by Marvel Comics who appears in that company's Marvel Universe.

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  1. An elongated piece of wood or similar material, typically put to some use, for example as a wand or baton.
    1. A small, thin branch from a tree or bush; a twig; a branch.
      1. A relatively long, thin piece of wood, of any size.
      2. A timber board, especially a two by four (inches).
    2. A cane or walking stick (usually wooden, metal or plastic) to aid in walking.
      1. A cudgel or truncheon (usually of wood, metal or plastic), especially one carried by police or guards.
    3. The vertical member of a cope-and-stick joint.
      1. A piece (of furniture, especially if wooden).
    4. Any roughly cylindrical (or rectangular) unit of a substance.
    5. A small rectangular block, with a length several times its width, which contains by volume one half of a cup of shortening (butter, margarine or lard).
    6. A standard rectangular (often thin) piece of chewing gum.
    7. A cigarette .
  2. Material or objects attached to a stick or the like.
    1. A bunch of something wrapped around or attached to a stick.
    2. A scroll that is rolled around (mounted on, attached to) a stick.
      1. The structure to which a set of bombs in a bomber aircraft are attached and which drops the bombs when it is released. The bombs themselves and, by extension, any load of similar items dropped in quick succession such as paratroopers or containers.
        1. A tool, control, or instrument shaped somewhat like a stick.
    3. A manual transmission, a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, .
      1. Vehicles, collectively, equipped with manual transmissions.
    4. The control column of an aircraft; a joystick.
    5. Use of the stick to control the aircraft.
      1. A memory stick.
      2. A composing stick, the tool used by compositors to assemble lines of type.
      3. The clarinet.
    6. A stick-like item:
    7. A long thin implement used to control a ball or puck in sports like hockey, polo, and lacrosse.
    8. The short whip carried by a jockey.
    9. A board as used in board sports, such as a surfboard, snowboard, or skateboard.
    10. The pole bearing a small flag that marks the hole.
    11. The cue used in billiards, pool, snooker, etc.
      1. The game of pool, or an individual pool game.
      2. Ability; specifically:
    12. The long-range driving ability of a golf club.
      1. The potential hitting power of a specific bat.
    13. General hitting ability.
      1. The potential accuracy of a hockey stick, implicating also the player using it.
  3. A person or group of people.
    1. A thin or wiry person; particularly a flat-chested woman.
      1. An assistant planted in the audience.
      2. A fighter pilot.
      3. A small group of (infantry) soldiers.
    2. Encouragement or punishment, or (resulting) vigour or other improved behavior.
    3. A negative stimulus or a punishment.
      1. Corporal punishment; beatings.
      2. Vigor; spirit; effort, energy, intensity.
= he threw himself into the task of digging
= she berated him
  1. Vigorous driving of a car; gas.
  1. A measure.
  2. An English Imperial unit of length equal to 2 inches.
    1. A quantity of eels, usually 25.

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. The traction of tires on the road surface.
  2. The amount of fishing line resting on the water surface before a cast; line stick.
  3. A thrust with a pointed instrument; a stab.

Noun (etymology 3)

  1. Criticism or ridicule.


  1. To cut a piece of wood to be the stick member of a cope-and-stick joint.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To glue; to attach; to adhere.
  2. To jam; to stop moving.
  3. To tolerate, to endure, to stick with.
  4. To persist.
  5. Of snow, to remain frozen on landing.
  6. To remain loyal; to remain firm.
  7. To place, set down (quickly or carelessly).
  8. To press (something with a sharp point) into something else.
    to stick a needle into one's finger
  1. To stab.
    1. To fix on a pointed instrument; to impale.
to stick an apple on a fork
  1. To adorn or deck with things fastened on as by piercing.
  2. To perform (a landing) perfectly.
  3. To propagate plants by cuttings.
  4. To hesitate, to be reluctant; to refuse.
  5. To compose; to set, or arrange, in a composing stick.
    to stick type
  6. To run or plane (mouldings) in a machine, in contradistinction to working them by hand. Such mouldings are said to be stuck.
  7. To bring to a halt; to stymie; to puzzle.
    to stick somebody with a hard problem
  8. To impose upon; to compel to pay; sometimes, to cheat.


  1. Likely to stick; sticking, sticky.
    A non-stick pan. A stick plaster.
    A sticker type of glue. The stickest kind of gum.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: stick
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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