Puzzle #14: Dangerzone (collab with Norah Sharpe!)

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Man, the titles of the Yacht Rock series are so damn weird. Like, this episode is clearly about the writing of Sweet Freedom, but the episode is titled for the song Danger Zone … and it’s all smushed together as one word for some reason. Also: this episode is off-the-rails bizarre but I still like it. It’s quite the coincidence that Loggins, Perry, Hall, and Jackson all sang back-to-back in We Are The World, so it was a great place to end the series.

Oh, we have a crossword too! Yacht Rock Puzzle #5 today, brought to you by Norah Sharpe and yours truly. You all know this already, but Norah is awesome, and a pleasure to work with.  Go check out this recent collab of hers if you haven’t yet!

I asked Norah to say a few words about this puzzle and here they are:

I’m so happy to collab with Alex on this entry (episode?) of the Yacht Rock series. This was without a doubt my top choice of the remaining songs as I’m a big fan of fighter pilots in (and out of) uniform, beach volleyball, and a good old redemption arc. I had a great time working with Alex with his thoughtful approach to structuring this theme and interesting cluing style. We took this theme and grid through several iterations before deciding that this one hit just the right note. We hope you enjoy!

In fact, we had so many different theme ideas that we decided one puzzle wasn’t enough. Stay tuned. 😉

Enjoy the solve, and as always, if you plan to solve on Twitch, let us know about it!

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