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Sometimes you’re working on a wordplay project and need to find some anagrams.  Where do you turn?  The Internet Anagram Server is good if you’re looking for arbitrary anagrams, but not great if you want your anagrams to be real phrases.  Anagram Solver is good but I have two complaints about it — its results may include misspellings and its results are ordered alphabetically, not by any measure of commonness.  Additionally … well, this is minor, but it’s 2021; they should really have a mobile-friendly site.

So, with those issues in mind, we built our own anagram solver. We already had a measure of commonness that we use for our Ranked Wikipedia lists so it was pretty easy to leverage that here.  And the results are pretty good, we think.  Compare the results for spebad?? on anagram-solver and on our anagram finder and you tell us which one you think is more useful.

Curious of how we went about finding anagrams with wild cards? As usual, all the source code is available on GitHub, for both ranking Wikipedia pages and creating the anagram backend.  Go forth and solve some anagrams!

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