Puzzle #10: Don’t Turn Around (Acrostic)

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Acrostic Preview

Back with an acrostic today!  I like how this one came out.  Thanks to our test-solvers Chris and Ajay on Crosscord for looking this one over.  Also, at Chris’s suggestion we’ve added a link to our Acrostic Generator to the main site, so it’ll be easier to find in the future.  There are still a lot of subpar words in the word list powering the generator, so I had to do a fair amount of tinkering to get this one in its current state, but I eventually got there.  We’ll be doing occasional updates to the word list, and of course you can always download the Python script and run against your own word list.

Enjoy the solve, and as always, if you plan to solve on Twitch, let us know about it!

2 thoughts on “Puzzle #10: Don’t Turn Around (Acrostic)

  1. Hello! I was so happy to find your acrostics yesterday. But today, whenever I click on one (in the Online Solver), I cannot get it to format correctly — the clues are all large on the left, and the puzzle itself is very tiny on the right. Yesterday, the puzzle was large on top, and the clues and words were large on the bottom. I’m not sure why this is happening. Any suggestions?

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