Hexagon Lexicon

Have you ever wanted to make your own version of the NYT’s Spelling Bee?  Sure, it’s easy to just put down seven letters on a piece of paper, but what about scoring?  Acceptable words?  Easy playability?  To my knowledge, something like that doesn’t exist.  Until now!

Check out Hexagon Lexicon, our please-don’t-sue-me-named word game that may or may not share certain similarities with another popular word game out there.  Just like that other word game, you can visit that site daily to get a new puzzle, though it won’t be quite as curated as others.  That’s not the most interesting part, though — that would be the build-your-own feature, the page where you set the letters you want to be in your very own hexagonal puzzle.  Once you’ve set the letters you want to be in your puzzle, you can see how many words are available, what the max score is, and how many pangrams it has.  You can then remove any words you don’t think are common enough and get a permalink you can share with others who might want to play your game.  We made this one that we like a lot, and for the memes, may we humbly present this one. We can’t wait to see what others will come up with!

Want to host this on your site instead of linking to ours?  No problem.  All the code is hosted on GitHub, released under the Apache-2.0 License.  Feel free to just grab the code and post it on your site.  If you know some CSS and want to make it look even better, pull requests are more than welcome!

Special thanks go out to Norah for suggesting this idea, lzha97 and Sabrina Ang for contributing the original code (and agreeing to release it under a permissive license!), and Parker for pointing me toward the word list we’re using for these purposes.

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