Puzzle #8: Runnin’ With The Devil (collab with Kate Leiserson!)

JPZ | Online Solver

Kate Leiserson — otherwise known as Kate Schmate on her website and on Twitter — collaborated with me on this one, and thank goodness she did, because this puzzle is WAY better than it would have been without her fingerprints on it.  Kate is a pro at all aspects of crossword construction, and was a real delight to work with.  Go check out her puzzles if you haven’t already!

As we promised a while ago, we are continuing our series of Yacht Rock puzzles, one for each video in the twelve-part Yacht Rock series.  And yes, that is Dan Harmon in the video above!  We’ll see Justin Roiland in the video accompanying a future puzzle.

A slight change to the license to this puzzle, if you care about such things.  We’ve been releasing them under the MIT license, which doesn’t really make sense for things that are not software.  We’re changing to the CC BY 4.0 license, which is functionally the same but is more applicable for artistic works.  You’re still welcome to do basically do whatever you want with the puzzle, as long as you retain attribution.

Enjoy the solve!  We certainly enjoyed making it for you.

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