Puzzle #23: Keep The Fire (with Brendan Emmett Quigley!)

PUZZLE LINKS: iPuz Download | Online Solver

Pretty sure I don’t need to introduce my co-author today, but in case you hadn’t heard, Brendan Quigley has been pumping out crosswords for years in all the outlets including over 1400 at his own site. He recently constructed a cryptic crossword as part of the AVCX Kickstarter (which you totally need to back if you haven’t already!) Brendan is also the only person I know who has watched the Yacht Rock series of videos more than I have, so he was a natural person to ask for help with this project. He has an unmistakable style and you’ll definitely see it in this puzzle.

We’re going to take a few weeks off for the holidays but you can expect more puzzles from us starting in January.  See you then!

Enjoy the solve, and as always, if you plan to solve on Twitch, let us know about it!

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